Annual Forum

Every year EMC is organising a forum for marketing associations across Europe. 

How can we learn from other marketing organisations? We open up and tell you all about our oganisations “best practice” and search for the ideas that can help us all grow. There will be plenty of changes to participate in debate and discussion. Furthermore we discuss devolpments in the interesting area of Marketing, Communication and Online with each other.

  • Forum 2015 was held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Forum 2016 was held in Moor Hall, Cookham, United Kingdom
  • Forum 2017 was held in Hamburg, Germany
  • Forum 2018 was held in Zürich, Switzerland
  • Forum 2019 was held in Dublin, Ireland
  • Forum 2020 is postponed to 2021 (online meeting)
  • Forum 2021 was held on 18 January (online meeting)

To register for the Forum, just send an email to Sandra Verweij at to confirm your attendance or feel free to contact us for more information.