Spanish Marketing Association

The Spanish Marketing Association (MKT) is a non- profitable organisation —with around 1000 members— aimed to highlight the importance of Marketing within the society and, specifically, the value of marketeers within their organizations.


MKT is a trustworthy, honest place for everyone, a place where marketeers can exchange ideas and experiences. It is based on three main pillars: networking, professional development and ethical marketing recognition.
Through the year, MKT organizes a huge variety of professional events. The National Marketing Awards event —the largest one— is celebrated annually to recognize the best marketing strategies not only in Spain but also in Latin America.
Moreover, the Association encourages best practices amongst its members and any professional who are involved and committed to Marketing can subscribe the Ethical Marketing Code developed by MKT several years ago.

Internal surveys by sectors about the CMO market evolution forecast (IEDM), digital integration (I3D) and Spanish Marketing Investment (AMES) are periodically developed and issued. Due to their high accuracy, all of them can be considered as a useful tool for any organisation.

Membership and Benefits

Members can attend to all the events organised by the Association for free, take advantage of some exclusive offers and discounts, use both the MKT and Ethical Code distinctive, participate in radio programs as Marketing experts and use the private area (MKT website) where documents, MKT surveys and other information are posted.
Specifically, a corporate/collaborative member can also participate in the Governing bodies, be actively involved in the variety of events organized by the Association and have an outstanding position within the MKT website.