The Board

EMC aisbl is based in Brussels and is made up of a team of experienced marketers who are based throughout Europe and beyond.

Our permanent management board members are supported by external consultants and volunteers from our member associations, each bringing in-depth experience of marketing, sales and communication.

Ralf Strauss
Chairman (EMC), President of DMV at German Marketing Association (DMV)

Dr. Ralf E. Strauss is Managing Partner of Customer Excellence GmbH, Managing Partner CMO Academy GmbH, Managing Partner Marketing Tech Lab GmbH, Chairman CMO Community, Chairman Digital CMO Community, President of the German Marketing Association (DMV).

Professor Jonathan H. Deacon
Vice-Charman (EMC) Professor of Marketing at University of South Wales

Jonathan is Professor of Marketing at the South Wales Business School where he is director of the Centre for Research in Entrepreneurship and Marketing (CREaM).

Martin Huisman
Vice-Charman and Board Member (EMC) at NIMA, The Netherlands

Martin is Board Member since 2013 and former Chairman at National Institute of Marketing (NIMA), The Netherlands.

Chris Daly
Board Member (EMC) and Chief Executive at the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) UK

Chris was appointed CEO of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in March 2016.

Tanja Kavran
Board Member (EMC), Executive Director, Slovenian Marketing Association at Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tanja Kavran is the Executive Director of Slovenian Marketing Association.

Alvyde Palaimaite
Board Member (EMC), Managing Director, LIMA at Vilnius, Lithuania

Alvyde is an experienced entrepreneur with a focus on e-commerce, marketing and management.

David Field
Interim Board Member (EMC), Chief Executive at the Marketing Institute of Ireland

David is interim board member at the EMC and CEO at the Marketing Institute of Ireland (MII).

Tatiana Komissarova
Professor at HSE at Higher School of Economics

Tatiana Komissarova, professor, MBA, PhD (psychology), is a graduate of Moscow State University.

María Sánchez del Corral
Board Member (EMC), Vicepresident, Spanish Marketing Association at Madrid, Spain

María is CEO and Partner at Sowhat.Team and Associate Professor of the Master's Degree in Communication Management & Public Affairs. 

Georg Wiedenhofer Mag.
Member of EMC and Chairman of AMC and MCÖ at Austria

Georg Wiedenhofer Mag. is Professor for Social and Economic Sciences and is Chairman of the Austrian Marketing Association.

Carlos Sá
Board Member (EMC), President of the Portuguese Association of Marketing Professionals at lisbon, Portugal

Carlos Sá is President of the Portuguese Association of Marketing Professionals (APPM). Carlos is also a professor at the Portuguese Institute of Administration and Marketing (IPAM), and CMO at Talent SGPS.

Sandra Verweij
Network and Membership Executive at EMC

Sandra is the Network and Membership Executive (Secretary to the Board).