Senior Marketing Professional (SMP) program
EMC starts SMP project

In 2021 EMC has started the Senior Marketing Professional (SMP) program for members all over Europe. The SMP program is a continues development program (CDP).

EMC grants member country’s to issue the Senior Marketing Professional title to individual marketers across Europe. A member country should do an application and follow strict rules to be able to issue the title.


A title is issued to a marketer if the marketer reaches certain requirements and promises to keep up with the profession by learning and doing activity’s. The progression is measured by points in a points system. Only by gaining 90 points every three years the marketer can keep the SMP title.

The SMP title already is in use in Holland. In England the chartered marketer is a similar kind of title. Both are CDP systems which already have proven their value. EMC is now organizing a big project and central tasks to able other member country’s to start with Senior Marketing Professionals.

Why? To stimulate continuous learning in a fast changing profession is key according to EMC and it’s member countries. Every country has a learning ambition in its mission statement. By facilitating this title including the CDP obligation, there is a stimulus towards a better marketing society.


EMC board approves European point system

In regard to the Senior Marketing Professional title, the EMC board has approved a European points system. This system is now obligatory for all member countries of EMC who issue the SMP title. In general, a Senior Marketing Professional has to score 30 points a year and 90 points in three years, a point is an equivalent to an hour of study. There is already a lot of experience using this points system. In the Netherlands, the first country who started to issue the SMP title, more than 300 senior marketing professionals are gaining points via this system for over 10 years now.

The advantage of a European system is that the member countries of EMC have agreed that only in the give points from another country are always respected. So if a Irish Senior Marketing Profession is following a congress in Lithuania, the points given by Lithuania apply for the Irish SMP, no questions asked.

This applies also for English events which are granted by points for Chartered Marketers. These points will have value and be accepted, no questions asked by EMC members. The EMC board is happy with this ‘one” system and harmonization all over Europe.


EMC board approves code of conduct

The EMC board has approved an European Code of Conduct. This code of conduct is accepted as an European standard/guideline. CIM the English marketing institute has done a big effort to create a well-balanced code. Most of the country’s already have a code of conduct. In that case, the codes will exist next to each other. The EMC board decided it to be helpful and important to have an European code of conduct. The profession is important and should be well protected from frauds and tricks. At least the EMC distances itself from these practices and has set the standard for Europe and the marketing profession as a whole.


Netherlands and England already have a CDP program

In regards to all the new country’s starting the CDP (Continuous Development Program) program and issue the SMP title, it is interesting to state that the Netherlands and England already have CDP programs for more than a decade. It is a proven concept which gives an elevating standard to marketing. Furthermore it gives a possibility to up to date marketers to show that they are keeping up with the fast changing profession.


Netherlands; in the Netherlands they started with the EMC title SMP (senior marketing professional) (European level 6 EQF). There are over 300 SMP’s in the Netherlands. It is actively used on business cards, on LinkedIn, in magazines with interviews etc. Besides the SMP title, Holland also have a selected assortment of EMP Expert Marketing Professionals. These EMP’s are at level 8. To get one of the two title, the candidate has to show that they are at a certain level of experience and knowledge. After this entry procedure, points has to be gained in order to keep the title.


In England it works slightly different. To be a Chartered Marketer there already has to be a record of a positively followed CDP program for two years. After that period the title is granted. Also the candidate has to continuously follow the CDP program to keep the Chartered status.

Both countries, members of EMC, are enthusiastic about the program and the feedback of the individual members. Learning is important and continues learning is the only way to keep up with the pace of the profession.


Six more countries are planning to start with SMP

In the last EMC board meeting six countries have shown interest and are planning to start issuing the Senior Marketing Professional title and belonging CDP program. These countries are: Ireland, Portugal, Lithuania, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The EMC board is very pleased with this enthusiasm. EMC will guide these country’s towards a successful implementation.

EMC grants member country’s to issue the Senior Marketing Professional title to individual marketers across Europe. A member country should do an application and follow strict rules to be able to issue the title.