European Funded Projects

One such piece of research involved a European funded project called Leonardo da Vinci CERCOM which aimed to establish a comprehensive list of all the different marketing, sales and communication roles in existence across Europe, which could be updated over time as the profession developed.


By capturing each and every role within marketing, sales and communication, the project ensured that the eventual EMCQ Framework would capture as many marketing roles as possible, to ensure that the framework was comprehensive.


Tying into this piece of research, the EMC then worked on the Marketing Sectoral National Qualifications Framework (MSNQF), a multi-partner project funded by the European Commission.


The aim was to come up with a ‘qualifications grid’ that would allow marketing qualifications from disparate countries to be compared and contrasted. This was done by studying the learning outcomes from a variety of marketing qualifications in different sectors and countries. The results of both pieces of funded research were fed into the EMCQ Framework, making it what it is today.

The European Marketing Confederation aisbl (EMC) is responsible for developing research into the occupational profiles and competences of marketing professionals throughout Europe.