EMC News
A message from Philip Kotler
26 May 2023

For the International Day of Marketing EMC has chosen to celebrate the godfather for marketing, Philip Kotler's birthday.

With much gratitude and appreciation, we received a letter from Dr. Kotler in response to the announcement, you can read the letter as a picture, or in the text below. 

European Marketing Agenda 2023 Webinar now online
23 May 2023

On May 17th the European Marketing Confederation held its first-ever webinar on the European Marketing Agenda.

Hosted by Dr. Ralf Strauss, the webinar dives deep into the findings of the European Marketing Agenda 2023 and features presentations and discussions with speakers from a broad range of industries. This gives a fantastic insight into the challenges that CMOs from these wi...

The 27th of May is declared International Marketing Day
05 May 2023

The European Marketing Confederation (EMC) has unanimously decided to designate the 27th of May as
the International Day of Marketing. The day aims to highlight the importance of marketing in business
and society and to promote pride in the marketing profession. The day is a celebration of marketing in a
loud and bright way, welcoming members of the marketing community, collea...

EMC releases European Marketing Agenda 2023
23 Mar 2023

The power of data love


Brussels, March 23, 2023 - EMC, the European Marketing Confederation, is pleased to announce the release of its yearly European Marketing Agenda report. The European Marketing Agenda 2023 – The Power of Data Love features the results of a critical survey conducted on over 6000 Senior Marketing and Sales managers an...