Become a Senior Marketing Professional

EMC’s core benefits consist of gaining, sharing and maintaining knowledge aan promoting European collaboration amongst its members.

The Senior Marketing Professional (SMP) program enables marketers to enjoy recognition  throughout Europe for both their achievements and their dedication to keep up with the profession

About SMP

As a marketer you never stop learning. The marketing profession is subject to continuous change and marketers are expected to keep up with these developments. But how do you show that you are that highly qualified marketer who has the required quality and up-to-date professional knowledge? You do this by becoming a Senior Marketing Professional.


Being a Senior Marketing Professional means entering a Continuous Development Program. Such a CDP program is used in many professions, as layers, doctors and in accountancy and banking.  Sometimes even mandatory by governments.  In marketing , the SMP program is an European accredited system by EMC at a EQF level 6. Many national marketing associations are joining this program and are accredited. Check below if the marketing associations of your country participates in the SMP program. 



A title is issued to a marketer if he or she reaches certain requirements and promises to keep up with the profession by learning and doing activity’s. The progression is measured by points in a points system. Only by gaining 30 points a year and 90 points in every three years guarantees the marketer to be able to use the SMP title.


European point system

The requirements and the points system are the same all over Europe. In general, a Senior Marketing Professional has to score 30 points a year and 90 points in three years, a point is an equivalent to an hour of study. There is already a lot of experience using this points system. In the Netherlands, the first country who started to issue the SMP title, more than 300 senior marketing professionals are gaining points via this system for over 10 years now.


The advantage of a European system is that the member countries of EMC have agreed that only in the give points from another country are always respected. So if a Irish Senior Marketing Profession is following a congress in Lithuania, the points given by Lithuania apply for the Irish SMP, no questions asked.


This applies also for English events which are granted by points for Chartered Marketers. These points will have value and be accepted, no questions asked by EMC members. The EMC board is happy with this ‘one” system and harmonization all over Europe.



•The marketer will be registered in the European Register, so that he can prove that he is an internationally recognized Senior Marketing Professional (SMP).
•The marketer may put the abbreviation SMP after his name and use the official SMP logo on his business card, LinkedIn profile, letterhead and/or website.
•The title is a guarantee for good and up-to-date professional competence and high knowledge and experience in the field of marketing.
•SMPs subscribe to the EMC Code of Conduct; a guarantee for customers and employers for the correct actions and actions of a Senior Marketing Professional.