About EMCQ

To help facilitate recognition of marketers and their respective qualifications across Europe, the EMC developed two routes to European marketing accreditation using the European Marketing Certification and Qualification (EMCQ) Framework.

This framework established a benchmark of standards against which qualifications can become accredited. The framework is also used as the basis for professional certification depending on the level of marketing professional experience.


The purpose of both types of accreditation is to improve transparency and mutual trust between EMC members, to allow different marketing qualifications from different countries to be compared and contrasted.


The European Marketing Certification and Qualification (EMCQ) framework is an adapted version of the European Qualification Framework (EQF) which is specific to the marketing profession.

The aim of the framework is to:

the identification of qualified marketing professionals (marketing, sales and communications) across Europe, and beyond


occupational profiles and competencies that can be expected by employers in the field of marketing from people with different levels of marketing qualification


the principle and practice of Lifelong Learning (LL) in Europe


an international register of marketing professionals who have demonstrated that they have met, and are continuing to meet, the set criteria for their level of experience


the compliance of the accredited organisation with their own rules relating to professional certification