Ukrainian Marketing Association (UMA)

Ukrainian Marketing Association is a national professional membership organization established as NGO and presenting more than 1.000 marketers and more than 100 marketing organizations from all around Ukraine.


The purpose of The UMA is to advance the marketing industry and to promote its role in the Ukraine’s economy.


Members of the Ukrainian Marketing Association are: market specialists and managers of marketing industry including marketing research specialists, faculty members of the marketing departments at the educational institutions, advertiser etc. The goal of UMA activities is to develop rules for marketing and advertising industry as part of market self-regulation and to raise awareness on latest global developments and trends in marketing and advertising among Ukrainian stakeholders.

Membership and Benefits

The benefits that UMA (Ukrainian Marketing Association) offers its members include:

  • UMA members participate in developing standards dealing with marketing research and advertising, work in compliance with these standards
  • Opportunities for best practices exchange by participating in professional seminars and conferences
  • Networking – possibility to connect with other marketers.