Lithuanian Marketing Association (LiMA)

The Lithuanian Marketing Association (LiMA) is a marketing membership organisation established in 2004 that aims to bring together highly qualified specialists in the field of marketing and communications.



Today LiMA has over 800 members and is the largest association for marketing professionals in Lithuania, operating in four of its biggest cities.


Throughout the year LiMA organises a variety of marketing related events such as seminars, workshops, conferences and training.

Since 2016, LiMA has provided a professional marketing certification model for its members. Besides its more formal events, the organization also offers a variety of informal events for its members, such as networking, summer and winter gatherings, movie nights and much more.


LiMA has two types of membership: individual membership and company membership. Admission requirements are the same for both: candidates must provide information about their working experience in marketing field.


The benefits that LiMA offers for its members include:

  • Strengthening the marketing profession in Lithuania together with other members by sharing experience and insights about the industry, thus raising personal qualifications
  • Knowledge sharing and acquisition from seminars, workshops or conferences
  • Networking – ability to connect with other 800 marketing professionals
  • Significant discounts for LiMA events