Webinar European Marketing Agenda 2021
09 Feb 2021

This virtual Pan-European presentation and discussion of the results of the European Marketing Agenda 2021 will be held on:

Tuesday, February 23, from 02h30 to 04h00 PM (CEST).

As in previous years we have conducted the survey "European Marketing Agenda 2021" in order to understand from a survey to almost 5.000 Senior Marketing Professionals and CMOs across Europe:

  • where they put focus on, and which work areas will be in the spotlight of 2021;
  • which barriers & challenges they are confronted with;
  • which implications the COVID19 pandemic have on their function as of today;
  • and which differences in terms of strategies and concepts exist between the different countries in Europe.

For more information or to confirm your attendance just send an email to Sandra Verweij at sverweij@emc.be. Click below button for download of the program.