MII, APPM, SM and LiMA are accredited
07 Mar 2022

The Marketing Institute of Ireland (MII), The Portuguese Association of Marketing Professionals (APPM), Swiss Marketing (SM) and the Lithuanian Marketing Association (LiMA) are accredited to issue the Senior Marketing Professional title to marketers from now on.

The marketing profession is dynamic and challenging. The world around us is changing rapidly. The question is how marketers deal with these rapid developments and how they can stay ahead. The answer is to keep on learning.


Continuous development program

MII, APPM, SM and LiMA facilitate and stimulate marketers to participate in a continuous development program (CDP). A marketer has to learn and gain a minimum amount of points each year. In return, the marketer can use the internationally recognized marketing title: Senior Marketing Professional (SMP). This makes a difference in standing out in the crowd.


Stimulate Marketers

EMC is proud and happy to welcome MII, APPM, SM and LiMA as accredited members. Ralf Strauss Chairman of EMC: “In the mission of most marketing associations, continuous learning is a main pillar. We are happy to facilitate these members, and we think they are capable of reaching great results by stimulating marketers to put time and effort in their development.”


The use of an CDP system, rewarded by an official title in marketing is not new. In England, the “chartered marketer” is a well known concept. In Holland more than 350 Senior Marketing Professionals are already actively participating in the EMC programs.