European Marketing Agenda 2023 Webinar now online
23 May 2023

On May 17th the European Marketing Confederation held its first-ever webinar on the European Marketing Agenda.

Hosted by Dr. Ralf Strauss, the webinar dives deep into the findings of the European Marketing Agenda 2023 and features presentations and discussions with speakers from a broad range of industries. This gives a fantastic insight into the challenges that CMOs from these wildly different businesses, all facing rapidly changing outlooks, sudden surges in demand, economic and resource pressure, geopolitical stability, and personnel education and growth.

  • Lorena Mercedes - Salesforce
  • Wilfried Lechner - Wienerberger
  • Christopher Woermann - Deutsche Bank
  • Regimantas Urbanas - Surfshark


To view the Webinar and get access to the presentations from the speakers, click the link below.