A message from Philip Kotler
26 May 2023

For the International Day of Marketing EMC has chosen to celebrate the godfather for marketing, Philip Kotler's birthday.

With much gratitude and appreciation, we received a letter from Dr. Kotler in response to the announcement, you can read the letter as a picture, or in the text below. 

May 25, 2023


To: European Marketing Confederation


I am delighted and humbled to hear that the European Marketing Confederation chose May 27 to be the World Marketing Day and that I am the first recipient of the annual Merit in Marketing Award.

I remember with fondness my many trips to Europe starting in the 1970s to share the latest marketing knowledge.  For over a dozen years, I presented an annual talk in Stockholm and another in Milan and several other talks in England, Germany, and France.  I made presentations in most other European countries, and I learned a great deal.

Today marketing is undergoing not only a digital revolution but also an Ai revolution. Both will give new marketing power and efficiency to companies and to consumers. My recent book Entrepreneurial Marketing provides a view of the changing needs and style of marketing management. My new book on Kellogg on Marketing provides 23 chapters by distinguished faculty at the Kellogg School of Management that update our current knowledge in 23 areas of marketing.

With the objective of creating a better world through marketing, I am the founder of World Marketing summit (WMS) which since 2011 has been successfully running in many countries worldwide. WMS and its online version eWMS along with Kotler Awards, Kotler Business Programs and many other similar projects by Kotler Impact are successfully going on for the common good of people worldwide.


I am grateful to EMC for initiating the theme of a World Marketing Day to be on May 27 and to be the first recipient of the Merit in Marketing Award.




Philip Kotler