27 Jun 2023

 Brussels, June 26th, 2023 : The Board of the European Marketing Confederation (EMC) has unanimously elected Alvyde Palaimaite as a new Vice Chair.

Alvyde is the driven Managing Director of the Lithuanian Marketing Association (LiMA). She already has more than five years of European executive experience as a Board Member of EMC. She completes the Executive Committee of EMC together with the Vice Chair, Chris Daly, the Chief Executive of CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK), and the Chairman, Ralf Strauss, the former president of the BVMC (Bundesverband Marketing Clubs).

"The trust that the Board has shown by appointing me to the position of Vice Chairman is a great appreciation of the work we have done and an encouragement to continue it. I am delighted to be able to contribute even more to strengthening marketing in Europe." - says Alvyde Palaimaite.

“My goal as a Vice Chair is to grow and strengthen the EMC organization from within, promote the exchange of experiences, and involve representatives from different marketing associations in various projects,” - adds Ms. Palaimaite who singlehandedly took the initiative to organize the International Marketing Day, which aims to celebrate the marketing profession around the world.  

“What we do at LiMA and what I see as my role at EMC is strengthening the marketing profession in general, raising its role and profile, developing the competencies of marketers, and strengthening the perception of the value of marketing in business and society” - completes Ms. Palaimaite.



EMC is Europe's largest professional marketing organization, uniting eleven national marketing associations across Europe with all-in-all over 100K members and an impressive joint reach of over 1 million followers on social media and over 5 million visitors on digital channels. As a non-profit organization based in Brussels, EMC works with its member associations across Europe with the same agenda - strengthening marketing. EMC publishes the International Marketing Competencies and offers a unique European marketing qualification and certification framework called EMCQ, which gives marketers access to accredited marketing, sales and communication qualifications recognised across Europe.