LiMA launches Senior Marketing Professional (SMP) title for marketing leaders in Lithuania
04 Jul 2023

The international Senior Marketing Professional (SMP) status, which certifies a high level of professional competence, is now available to Lithuanian marketing managers and professionals. The Lithuanian Marketing Association (LiMA) is the only accredited organisation in Lithuania that is entitled to award the international SMP certificate, based on the professional recognition system established by the European Marketing Confederation (EMC).

"I am glad that in Lithuania we already have an internationally recognised SMP title confirming the competence and experience of marketing professionals. LiMA has come a long way to ensure that Lithuanian marketing professionals join the European community of certified marketing professionals," says Linas Šiautkulis, Chairman of the Board of LiMA and Head of the media agency "BPN Intense".

According to Raimonda Gudaitė, one of the first Senior Marketing Professionals, a consultant and the CMO of the Year'20 in Lithuania, the marketing community has been waiting for an internationally recognised certification system for marketing professionals in Lithuania. "This is an important step not only in standardising the marketing profession, but also in ensuring continuous professional development, learning and sharing of accumulated experience. It is great that we have the opportunity to raise not only our own competence standards, but also those of the market as a whole," she says.

According to Alvydė Palaimaitė, Director of LiMA, collaboration and leadership among marketing professionals is more important than ever. Sharing knowledge and experience and supporting each other encourages not only personal development, but also the growth of the marketing community, thus strengthening the whole sector in Lithuania.

Encourages lifelong learning

"The SMP certification system is based on the principle of CPD (Continuous Professional Development). It aims to standardise the competencies of marketing professionals on the market and internationally, to encourage continuous, regular and high-quality professional development and sharing of experience among marketing professionals. It also raises the standards in the field of marketing and ensures compliance with ethical working principles", says Lina Vaikšnorienė, LiMA International Project Manager.

According to L. Šiautkulis, the SMP title and certificate is not only a recognition, but also a commitment to continuously improve one's qualifications, deepen one's professional practical and academic knowledge, and most importantly - to share it with the growing marketing community, business and the public. "The SMP is just the beginning of a journey that opens up a long-awaited opportunity to bring together top-level marketing professionals to share experiences, knowledge and best practices," says LiMA's Chairman of the Board.

Requirements and SMP values

According to the international SMP standards, in order to qualify as a marketing professional, it is necessary to have a relevant education or qualification, five years’ work experience and professional competence in a strategic marketing management position.


SMP status includes a membership in the Marketing Professionals Club, allowing certified professionals to participate in exclusive networking and learning events, share experiences and contribute to the marketing profession and engage in expert content development. In addition, SMP certification entitles you to use the SMP title abbreviation on LinkedIn profiles, CVs and signatures, as well as the official SMP logo for public communication.