EMC welcomes the Hungarian Marketing Association (HMA) as its 11th member
02 Oct 2023

The European Marketing Confederation (EMC) is pleased to announce that The Hungarian Marketing Association (HMA), is joining Europe’s cohesive network of national marketing associations.

For over 30 years HMA has represented the interests of marketing professionals and organizations in Hungary. HMA has more than 200 corporate members and represents thousands of professionals and organizations in Hungary. They are committed to shaping and promoting the role and the value-creating capacity of marketing.

EMC’s delight in Hungary becoming the 11th European Country to take a place at the table of European marketing associations is expressed by Ralf Strauss, chairman of EMC: “HMA is a big and professional national association and we are very pleased to work together on a European level. Just like EMC, HMA is very keen on education and social goals, it is a perfect fit”.

Ferenc Hinora, the President of the HMA also expressed his thoughts about the cooperation: “The Hungarian Marketing Association is one of the most active professional communities in Hungary. Our mission is to present the changed roles of marketing and to strengthen its reputation. It is our important task to highlight that the power of marketing is most effective in creating business success and societal value when marketing is given a prominent strategic-, management- and business development role within organizations, going beyond its mere sales support function. In order to achieve these goals, we need education and the formation of opinions. For years, we have been looking for an international organization that represents the same values, an organization that is as ambitious and as committed as us to raising our profession to a higher level. EMC and its member organizations are definitely such partners, and we are looking forward to the joint work and the constant exchange of knowledge and experience. With this cooperation, we provide Hungarian professionals with an international professional community and a global flow of information.”

About EMC:

EMC is Europe’s largest marketing organization, representing over 100,000 marketeers across twelve national associations in Europe and the United Kingdom and jointly reaching 1 million social-media followers. As a non-profit organization based in Brussels Belgium, EMC works with its member associations to promote Education, Social guidance, and value creation. EMC publishes the International Marketing Competencies to guide marketing education standards in the EU according to the European Qualifications Framework. EMC also publishes the European Marketing Agenda, which details yearly marketing trends and forecasts on a European and National level based on research amongst thousands of marketing professionals. EMC offers its member associations access to the European Marketing Certification and Qualification Framework (EMCQ), which provides accredited Marketing, Sales, and Communications qualifications recognized across Europe.