European Marketer of the Year 2024 Judging Process is in full swing
08 Apr 2024

The jury process to determine who is the European Marketer of the Year 2024 is in full swing. The winner will be crowned on the 27th of June in Madrid, Spain


The European Marketing Confederation (EMC), representing the marketing industry across the continent, is closing in on the selection of the European Marketer of the Year 2024. Marketing associations across Europe were asked to nominate their National Marketing Champions. After the first  round of the formal selection procedure, the final candidates were identified (see enclosed). In the second  round of judging standardized questionnaires were submitted by each of the shortlisted candidates from across 8 different countries, all representing the very cream of the European marketing crop.


The competition has now entered the third round and an independent, professional jury will interview the shortlisted candidates  Based on these interviews, which are recorded to ensure the quality and consistency of the process,  the European Marketer of the Year 2024 will be selected. The winner will be crowned at a Gala event hosted in Madrid by the Spanish Marketing Association on June 27th.


The jury members are selected with great care and are all experienced professionals themselfves. EMC is proud to present the following jury members:

(in random order:)

·         Árpád Dr. Papp-Váry                             Hungary

·         Carmen Garcia                                        Spain

·         Linas Šiautkulis                                       Lithuania

·         Mark Scott                                                UK

·         Christoph Teller                                      Austria

·         Stephanie Lohmann                              Germany

·         Claudio Montanini                                Germany

·         Martin Huisman                                     The Netherlands


EMC is proud to organize this high-quality competition to recognise the very best marketers in Europe and the critical contribution they make to our companies, to the European economy and to our society. EMC chairman Ralf Strauss about this: „with this election we show that we recognize quality in our beautiful profession. The question is not if you do marketing, but how good are you at it. We strive to show what marketing quality is to support everyone in the marketing field to keep investing time to learn and  be better every day and for the general public to really understand that it is not a trick but a profession in which you can be good at.“