Senior Marketing Professional

As a marketer you never stop learning. The profession is subject to continuous change and marketers are expected to keep up with these developments. But how do you show that you are that highly qualified marketer who has the required quality and up-to-date professional knowledge? You do this with a European accredited personal title. More and more countries are showing interest and are planning to start issuing the Senior Marketing Professional title and belonging CDP program.


The certification is valid for three years. After three years, recertification takes place, whereby the requirements for permanent education (obtaining PE points) must be met.



• Your name will be registered in the European Register, so that you can prove that you are an internationally recognized Senior Marketing Professional (SMP).

• You may put the abbreviation SMP after your name and use the official SMP logo on your business card, LinkedIn profile, letterhead and/or website.

• The title is a guarantee for good and up-to-date professional competence and high knowledge and experience in the field of marketing.

• SMPs subscribe to the EMC Code of Conduct; a guarantee for customers and employers for the correct actions and actions of a Senior Marketing Professional.


More information: SMP - Senior Marketing Professional | LinkedIn