The Marketing Professional

EMCQ accreditation enables marketers to internationalise their qualifications, allowing their qualifications to be compared on a like-for-like basis with other marketing professionals from across Europe, and beyond.

This is of particular use if you travel a lot with your job or if you are looking to relocate abroad, where gaining EMCQ accreditation can communicate the level at which you operate within your profession.


When a marketer is awarded a nationally accredited qualification, he/she can obtain an EMCQ certificate. This becomes annexed to their national qualification and is not a replacement for it.

The EMCQ certificate identifies the original qualification awarded to the marketing professional and its equivalent EMCQ level. The name of the accredited body which delivered the original qualification is also detailed alongside the country of origin.


Once EMCQ certification is achieved, the marketing professional is given a unique identification (ID) number which is entered into our EMCQ database. This number allows the authenticity of their qualifications to be verified by employers.