European Marketer of the Year

Most European countries recognise their National Marketing Champion each year. The EMC aims to equally promote and recognise the most outstanding marketer in one of these marketing and business champions in the same way, through a formal and transparent competition to identify the European Marketer of the Year. 


The European Marketing Confederation strongly believes in recognition within the marketing community of those who have demonstrated exceptional strategic management skills, achieved results, and built sustainable businesses across the region and globally.  Our desire is to present the very best in marketing professionalism in Europe to inspire the next generation of business and marketing graduates on their career paths.


All marketing associations across Europe are asked to nominate their National Marketing Champion who will follow a formal selection procedure consisting of three stages:

The first round of the formal selection process is to identify the final candidates. In the second round of the selection process, standardized questionnaires are submitted by each of the shortlisted candidates from across different countries, each representing the cream of the European marketing crop. In the third and final round, an independent, professional jury interviews the shortlisted candidates and chooses a final winner.



Admission Requirements

General Admission requirements:
•Every national winning marketeer can be nominated
•The nominee must have won the national price in the last 12 months.
•EMC encourages all marketing association in Europe to nominate a candidate, regardless of EMC membership.
Marketing associations that are members of EMC and do not have a national award for marketers can nominate a candidate of choice in this election



A nominee or organization delivers the standardized entry form with the following information:
    • Background  (max 0,5 page):
    • LinkedIn profile link, company background, relevant links (presentations, webinars, etc.)
    • Info about the jury rapport of the national award if available

More information about the nomination process and criteria please contact us here.


All participants will be evaluated by a jury panel. 

  • Every EMC member can provide one judge (not obligated)
  • A member of the judging panel cannot vote for their own national candidate or vote or influence a candidate of the country the member is resident in or originated from.
  • The EMC Board has last call and Veto right. Vetoes are exceptional and should be well documented.
  • A board member cannot Veto if the result of the Veto benefits the candidate of their own country

The jury members 2024 are:

  • Árpád Dr. Papp-Váry - Hungary
  • Carmen Garcia - Spain
  • Linas Šiautkulis - Lithuania
  • Mark Scott  - UK
  • Christoph Teller -  Austria
  • Stephanie Lohmann  - Salesforce
  • Claudio Montanini  - BVMC
  • Martin Huisman  - EMC
European Marketer of the Year 2024

All the finalists are already national winners and it is a great honour that they have been nominated for the European Marketer of the Year award.