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EMC research:  Schizophrenic Marketing Era as AI enters the data analytics-suit
01 Feb 2024


Brussels, 31-01-2024.


Every year the European Marketing Confederation asks the European Marketing Director;  “what’s on your mind”.  This year, 2024, obviously “AI” is the main topic of interest, this amongst a divers variety of other subjects which are showing schizoprhenic situations.

Salesforce Corporate EMC Member
23 Jan 2024

The European Marketing Confederation (EMC) is proud to announce that Salesforce is the first Corporate member of EMC. 


EMC believes in excellent relationships with important companies in the line of business of European marketers. This is why EMC allows a limited amount of strategic partners to be a corporate member of the European Marketing Confederation...

New accreditations for LiMA and the Swiss Marketing Association
23 Dec 2023

We congratulate both Switzerland and Lithuania on their well-deserved accreditations!

Swiss Marketing has achieved accreditation for the Junior Marketing Professional Level 4 and Junior Sales Professional Level 4.

The LIMA, has been granted accreditation for Digital Marketing Management Level 5 and Professional Marketing Management level 6.

These accred...

Christmas wish
22 Dec 2023

We hope that this Christmas will be for you a cheerful ending to the year and a great beginning to a happy new one!